No, it’s not a hat (although, I love those too!) it’s a tiny travel trailer, shaped like a marshmallow–or a boler hat, thought its inventor.  These little “eggs”, as they’re sometimes called, attract a fair amount of attention on the highway and were manufactured from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s. 

I’ve always loved them (and their flash cousins, Airstreams) but a month ago, I suddenly felt like it was the time to buy one.  Cue the internet search.  Not easy since our internet service is somewhat “vintage” itself.  Living in the country as we do, we can only get dial-up.  But I was obsessed and a huge thrill went through me as I found ads for Bolers that, ahem, were nowhere near where we live. 

But what’s a little geography when you’ve got a vintage dream?

A fellow vintage vehicle nut who is a friend of my aunt and uncle’s was very helpful with tips on things to look for when buying (check expensive-to-fix torsion suspension by making sure trailer bounces a bit when you get in it) and he had all the necessary enthusiasm for the little trailer to help my very supportive but slightly shell-shocked husband to get up to speed in the search.

So, last month, we bought a Boler.  It’s our second vintage vehicle:  the first being a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle.  The Boler is a kindred spirit hailing from 1974 and it was owned for 25 years by an 80-year-old couple who tearfully parted with it, sending us along with hugs and best wishes.  Not an atypical acquition process, from what I hear.

I’ve already become one of “those” people, who join Boler groups (check out:  I own a Boler on Facebook) and wave enthusiastically at other Boler owners on the road. 

Forget vampires named Edward…even though it needs a little TLC (but that’s half the fun isn’t it?), I’m in Boler love.

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Our Boler, circa June 2010