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One of my favourite books, also made into a vintage-beautiful movie

One of my favourite books, also made into a vintage-beautiful movie

It’s holiday time and for me, that means lots of time rotting my brain (not to mention my body) in front of a screen.

While my derriere has been morphing into the shape of our couch, I have been pondering screen time that has a vintage vibe.  While I love vintage movies (who can resist the banter between Katherine Hepburn and Humphry Bogart in African Queen or the Christmas sentimental classic, It’s a Wonderful Life?) I also enjoy watching modern productions that take place in a vintage era.  Sometimes, I don’t really care about the plot, so much as spending my time oogling all the amazing vintage items flashing on screen…the Jackie Kennedy-inspired clothing, the vintage ashtrays, the cars, even the vintage food.

Who knew there was a pastel-coloured food phase?

Here are some of my favourite modern screen shows with a vintage twist:



Bomb Girls


Pan Am


The Help

The Majestic

The Secret Life of Bees


So, if your life is feeling a little too modern these days, squish your own derriere into your favourite chair and settle in for some vintage screen time.   Sure, it might rot your brain and your body but it’s the holidays…and new year’s resolutions will be here soon enough!