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Sometimes my vintage collecting is a little random.

For example, I don’t even like juice.

But, I love my vintage tupperware juice containers.   I found the tall one at a garage sale for an exciting 10 cents.  The other was $1.99 at a thrift store.  So, even though I don’t like juice, they had to come home with me.

Goofy happiness for the bargain price of $2.09.

Ditto for the pickle containers

Pickle Containerswith their oh-so-handy inserts that allow you to fish out a dill or an olive without having to swirl around in olive juice seeking a treasure.   Except, unlike juice, I love pickles and olives and I need lots of salt (being a fainter as I am), so these vintage lovelies get used every single day.

On special occasions, I break out the slab cake carrier or the deviled egg container.

Cake container

Deviled eggs are one of those deliciously vintage sort of recipes that some people eschewIMAG1191 nowadays, but they always disappear first at a picnic or party.  People seem to love “eating vintage” and who can blame them?   Deviled eggs are one of life’s great treats even though they’re a bit finicky to prepare.  But, they’re even better when they look like they arrived straight  from 1972 because you’re transporting and serving them in your vintage tupperware deviled egg container.

Not only is vintage tupperware a way to imbue your vintage collecting with something–I hesitate to say it in case my husband is reading this–practical, they are usually in fun 70s colours like orange, harvest gold, avocado green.

Something practical that also makes you smile?