As an aspiring children’s writer, lover of books and someone who dreams of living in an old schoolhouse, these are perfect on so many levels!


vintage children's readersVintage children’s readers
made in Australia 1956- 1961

Who remembers reading Gay Days? at school? Or the imaginatively titled Stories to Read? How about At the Farm? Practically everyone I know remembers Dick and Jane. Those strangely dressed children, with stilted speech patterns. Mind you, the parents spoke with a limited vocabulary too:
“Now I must buy a present,” said Father.
“Here is a little horse,” said Ken.
“Pamela could sit on it and we could rock her.”
“Yes, Mother and I will give her that horse. We will take it home with us.” [Gay Days, 1961 p.14]

Vintage children’s books are now very collectible- I think it’s due to nostalgia for printed media now that e-books are popular. And the fact that these stilted storied are buried deep in our subconscious. I can remember the stories as if they were yesterday!

This set comprises 6 books:

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