Vintage foods are some of my favourites.  Green cocktail olives stuffed with pimento, devilled eggs, rice krispie squares:  eating vintage is truly like taking a trip in a time machine (without the accompanying vertigo).

Lately, my weekend breakfast has been nostalgic and so, so yummy.  I start with oatmeal (once a dreaded food until I had to eat it at Brownie camp and realized that it was NOT at all the same as icky, sticky cream of wheat):


Of course, it’s even more fun, if you serve it in a fun, vintage Pyrex bowl:


Mix in some thawed, frozen raspberries (or fresh, in season but I live in the Great White North so our raspberry season is precious and fleeting).  Somehow, they also taste better if they’re in another vintage pyrex bowl:


Add a dash of homemade maple syrup (or store bought, if you don’t have Practical Man’s Best Maple Syrup, made lovingly every Spring from our forest trees, like I have):


Then, voila!  A delicious, old time-y breakfast:


Excited about oatmeal.  I’m pretty sure this means that my breakfast is no longer the only thing in our house that could be considered old time-y…