I just love back to school supplies.

Don’t you?

Nothing better than the smell of fresh binders, lined paper and markers in September.

Desk lamp

[Photo: A great desk lamp really helps with the tra-la-la…errr…I mean, studying]

Except maybe Practical Man’s wild blueberry pancakes.   Love those.  Yum.

For some reason, I’ve loved office supplies in general since I was a little kid.  I used to like going to my dad’s office and rummaging in his desk (which was made of solid wood and glue and lots and lots of shellac and weighed approximately 3 tons, as vintage desks do) for stuff to play with.

Stuff like:

  • Drafting thinga-ma-bobs
  • Receipt books with carbon paper
  • Those letter sets that you rub with a coin and they transfer on to paper
  • Electric pencil sharpeners (who wouldn’t want to sharpen 462 pencils with one of those?)
  • Liquid paper (good for a quick, office “manicure”)

…and other vintage treasures.

There’s lots of fun, modern stuff available but vintage school and office supplies have such charm, don’t you think?

I like to put my school and work thinga-ma-bobs in vintage baby food or other small jars.  They seem happy there.

paper clips

No paper clips have been harmed in the writing of this post.

And I like to smile while I tape things within an inch of their lives:

snail tape dispenser

My snail tape dispenser – not vintage but fun, nonetheless. I also have a ladybug stapler at work.

And this retro tin was a steal at 10 cents.    It even came with a lid (which will have its day in the sun at some point in the future, I’m sure)

pencil case

Retro flowers are so great. I love the colours and their geometric crispness.

I know you can buy patterned binders now but I just love the retro look of binder covers.  So, I made some.  No binders within a 30-mile radius were safe.   I was covering everything in sight that looked remotely square or rectangular for a while.

Yes, I obsess.  Why do you ask?

Binder open

Fold fabric over edges of the binder and sew to create a pocket. Then, slip binder in on each end.

They make all those leftover binders from 1994, really snazzy, don’t you think?  Please say yes or my obsessing will have been in vain.

Binder - closed

This binder cover was made from a vintage pillow case.

And, there was hardly any measuring involved, which makes me happy.

I’m not so good with the measuring.

Maybe I would be, if I had a vintage ruler.

Oh wait a second.  I do.


Happy Back to School!

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