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I admit it…there was squealing.

As we drove away, all my pent-up, cool buyer nonchalance burst in a very un-dignified way.

A. GIANT. BOX. OF. VINTAGE (MY vintage…ie. 70s). FISHER. PRICE.collection

Ten whole dollars.  And, I don’t usually spend in the double digits at garage sales so you know it was a major score.

That’s ten Canadian dollars too, so that’s almost practically free in England (not that I live there but I did a few times, years ago, and in one traumatic incident paid $37 for contact lens solution!  $37!)

But this…this vintage awesome-ness was a genuine karma-paying-me-for-past-purchasing-injustices deal.

I might have swooned but since I take medication for that (I have a fainting disorder), I merely hyper-ventilated slightly with a huge grin on my face.

Yes, they are toys.  And, I know, I know.  I don’ t have any children.  Or nieces and nephews.   Or even a pet.

Yet, my vintage Fisher Price collection continues to blossom.

Saturday’s large treasures included the Happy Family Camper (complete with row boat AND easily-lost-over-30-years oars!).  There was also a tent (which I have never seen) and a sleeping bag.  The giant-box-of-glee also contained the Play Family A-frame house with assorted furniture (baby furniture, beds, hibachis, lounge chairs), a few cars and 29 Little People to add to my collection.

Not that Practical Man complains much, but I am now justifying the encroachment of vintage FP stuff by using it as props for photography.   I see special occasion cards, re-usable shopping bags, message Ts, buttons and other  fun FP stuff being churned out of my craft room in the near future.Life is better when you share a boat

Now, I just need to find the vintage dog (red collar, black body) and a few more ethnically-representative Little People.  My collection is looking unnaturally caucasian (and blond) at the moment.

While I was fawning over my Fisher Price finds, Practical Man had his own treasure.

A meat grinder.  Not vintage.  Very practical, as befits his name.

I think he may have hyper-ventilated just a little.