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The Care Bear Chair in all its glory

The Care Bear Chair in all its glory

I dream of being an old lady in a Care Bear chair.

In my dream, I’m wearing fabulous bakelite earrings and horn-rimmed glasses (festooned with rhinestones) and I’m all wrinkly and silver-haired and somehow–magically–wise.

I’m pretty sure that by the time I’m 80, I’ll have learned how to be wise, won’t I?

Wisdom aside, if all goes according to plan, at least I’ll have an amazing chair befitting my elderly-eclectic status.

My friend, Kitegirl, got The Chair free from a couple of drunk university students who were putting surplus furniture on their lawn as a sort of spontaneous garage sale.  They were convinced she should take the black, leather barker lounger.

She declined and tried not to run gleefully down the street yelling YIPPEE with the Care Bear chair on her back.

I believe her chair-of-my-dreams is actually a take on the iconic Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, but if possible, it’s even cooler because it has teak arms and legs.

So vintage-swoony!

It’s barely worth mentioning on such a thing of beauty, but its only tiny, insignificant little flaw is the current upholstery which resembles the fur of a well-loved Care Bear.   But, the chair’s Extreme Makeover is planned for some time this year, after which, I envision it in a groovy-lishous fabric befitting Kitegirl’s vintage-sprinkled home.

And maybe, someday, if I am a really good fairy godmother to Kitegirl’s little sprout, I and my wrinkles will be listening to old ’45 records from my very own version of the Care Bear chair.