Share, source and sigh over all things vintage

Fisher Price vintage Little People

Fisher Price vintage Little People

Things are just things and there are more important, well, things in life than things.

Yes, I think we can agree on that, even though it’s possibly one of the most confusing sentences ever.

But still, even though things are just things…some things are pretty cool, aren’t they?

Pippi Longstocking, a book character I loved as a child, pronounced herself a “Thing Finder” and I definitely fall into that category too.

I love:

  • vintage toys (Fisher Price…)
  • vintage books (Nancy Drew, Curious George, Eloise…)
  • generally derelict objects that seem unloved (I seem to have an addiction to chairs, lamps, wooden boxes…)
  • anything that somehow gets categorized in my brain as “groovy-lishous”
  • objects that I have no idea what they are, but I love their general shape and um…groovy-lishousness

How about you?


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