Share, source and sigh over all things vintage

Even if you’re not a car geek, like I am, you can’t deny the fun (not to mention style) factor of a vintage vehicle.   If it’s got wheels (or even sometimes, a propeller), I’m a vintage lover all the way.

I own:

I love:

  • Vintage trailers (Bolers, Shastas, Trilliums…)
  • IMAG1064Vintage cars (Beetles, Karmann Ghias, VW vans, Fiat 500s, Minis, Isettas…)
  • Vintage boats (Hobos…)
  • Vintage cycles (Betsy bikes, Indian motorcycles, Vespa scooters…)
  • Vintage industrial (ice cream vans, Fiat Topolinos, fire trucks…)

How about you?


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